Tim Froehlich


data visualization


Visualizations, graphs, tables, and reporting tools for a clinical data analysis platform.


Explore trends and bias by visualizing aggregated news across many sources.

data visualization


Distort images by gradually shifting pixel location.

creative coding



A Wordpress blog of my design, maintained for 14 years.




An infinite starfield of randomly generated polygons, built with three.js.

creative coding



A colorful looping rotation animation, built with P5.js (a port of Processing).

creative coding



Testing some basic limits of SVG performance, this animates several layers of multicolored polylines.

creative coding



A tumblr of my design, featuring my sketches and artwork.




A brief attempt at a text-based stream of consciousness narrative, from the perspective of my apartment's balcony.

creative coding


If you were on a desktop, I could display my resume right here in the browser for you. But I can't do that since you're on a mobile device. However, you can download my resume.

A chronological look back through my past work and achievements, including side projects and creative explorations.


Created a development blog and wrote articles describing my visualization and UX work and on quality communication in the remote environment.


Created Panorama, an experiment to identify larger trends in the news by aggregating articles into a interactive histogram. I wrote about my methods and reasoning here.

Created Pixel Walker, my first exploration of canvas. Progressively distorts images by sending pixels on a random walk, configurable by direction and color channel. Much of my time on this was spent optimizing the render function, as it quickly becomes expensive to run on large images.

Promoted to UI Lead at Doctor Evidence.

Real-time searchable, filterable, sortable tables of data

Rebuilt my blog with a completely new style. My old design wasn't truly responsive and the white-on-black color scheme was very difficult to read. After launching the new design, I posted a retrospective on all the designs I'd created since the blog's inception in 2004.

A new, more responsive blog design with better contrast and typography

Hired at Doctor Evidence as a senior front-end developer, where I designed and built many new interactive visualizations in d3.js and c3.js.

Interactive histograms with range sliders built in d3.js, used to visualize available values and select ranges within them

Hired as a fully remote independent contractor for Doctor Evidence, where I built my first SVG and d3.js visualizations. I also made a lot of enormous tables.

Reactive, searchable, filterable tables for exploring data within the system

Made my first creative/artistic portfolio site based on a jQuery package called Galleria.

A gallery display of my artwork, with a more abstract presentation style

Taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator, then started creating digital artwork with a focus on abstract, geometric, and generative styles.

Hired as a developer-designer for tech consulting firm in Kansas City, MO, where I created and launched a website for ordering custom orthotics.


Created a promotional site for a friend's sewing business. This, too, was done purely in CSS. I was very enamored with the border-radius property.

A small informational site I made for a friend's sewing business

Hired as a data assistant for the publishing arm of the Ecological Society of America in Ithaca, NY, where I taught myself PHP and SQL to revamp ESA's online archives.

Transitioned my personal blog to Wordpress from Blogger and redesigned it with a background scene done entirely in CSS. This was a wildly impractical design, but turned out to be a great exercise in learning the limits of complex CSS display.

An early iteration of my blog; the background scene was done entirely in CSS

I'm Tim, a web developer, technologist, and all-around internet enthusiast based in Brooklyn, NY. I've been building websites of all shapes and sizes for over a decade, with a focus on rendering complex information and designing intuitive and sophisticated interfaces.

Over my career, I've witnessed the fatal disconnect between the design of our technology and the needs of our users. I craft tools that bridge this divide: intuitive software that enhances our creative and intellectual abilities. My dream is to close the gap between thought and creation.

As a developer and designer. I've worked directly with users, clients, and stakeholders to draft specifications and mockups, implemented these requests and iterated based on feedback, tracked usage and behavior to identify failures and successes, and reported these results back to stakeholders for review. I believe in a holistic approach to development - I will take on any task necessary that will achieve the best result for my users.

If you share my enthusiasm for building powerful, intuitive software, I'd love to talk to you.